Home Before Dawn is a magical time. Getting in from a night out with friends (pre-covid, we remember those days) or waking up early to catch the calm before your new day begins. Enjoy your Home Before Dawn every day. 

About Us...

Home Before Dawn is an online store and in-person "Pop-Up" store at 109 Baltimore Street in Cumberland, Maryland until January 8th, 2022. Enjoying the beauty of select artists and craftspeople from mountain Maryland and more is what we enjoy and love to do. The wide variety of artists' handmade items help make a house a home. Proudly made in America and delivered directly to you. Thank you for supporting local artists, helping our community thrive again with these talented people, and come back to visit when you get a chance. Have a good day. 

Our Values...

A little change can lead to big changes.

Be the positive change that you want to see.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Buy local as often as you can.   

Art education is important. 

Everyone should own a handmade quilt.