Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Home Before Dawn brick & mortar store?

You have to get your Home Before Dawn fix shipped to your home (or doorstep delivery for locals) or catch us at a pop-up shop during the Cumberland Arts Walk and Frostburg Arts Walk and a select, few other events. 

Where are the gift baskets made?

By the Greenfield Basket Factory, in Pennsylvania. It has been manufacturing baskets since 1933, before that, it was a saw mill in the village of Little Hope. Greenfield Basket Factory starts from the logs (poplar, beech, hickory and sycamore) that are delivered to the factory by local loggers. From the log they cut it to size that is needed for each basket, the pieces are then braided by the employees, then hand-formed and stapled together. After that they are dried in a kiln, then they are ready for shipping. The factory started out in an old barn which is still used today. With having around 20 employees, we are a small enough company that we know each other pretty well. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication that our employee’s have for their jobs.

What items may be returned?

Items that may be returned... all items made of wood, metal, glass, or ceramic.  

Items that may not be returned... all items that are made to eat, drink, or goes on skin or hair. 

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

Before your order ships... you may contact us and cancel your order hassle free. 

Once your order ships... you have 7 days to contact us to cancel your order. There is a 30% restocking fee. It is your responsibility to have all returned items shipped back via a reputable shipping method, unused and unbroken.

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