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What is Certified Organic?

Certified Organic symbol

Families today care about the quality of body care products and the effects of those products on the environment. When you look for healthy personal care products, you may look for indicators on the label that show the product was made using established healthy protocols. One such indicator is the certified organic symbol. When shoppers see the certified organic symbol on a body care product, they may ask themselves, what exactly does the certified organic symbol mean? Since Lavender Moon body care products are both made in Pennsylvania and certified organic, an explanation of the USDA organic certification may help you make a more informed choice about the products you are purchasing.

Certified organic means that the products meet the standards of the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program, established in 1990. According to the USDA, organic farmers use cultural, biological, and mechanical practices of farming that foster cycling of resources to promote ecological balance and preserve biodiversity. To become certified, producers must prove that they have followed the guidelines.

The guidelines are extensive and include a three-year transition period where no non-organic methods are used on the land, cover cropping, bio-strip boundaries, organic seed use, record keeping and much more. Farming practices should maintain and build soil while preventing erosion, mitigate the risk of polluting water sources and use methods of crop management that support growth without depending on use of non-allowed pesticides. Third-party product processors file an application to become organic certified, create their products using approved organic source material, and undergo periodic inspection and recertification.

Once a producer meets these conditions they are free to use the USDA certified symbol on their product label. Home Before Dawn is proud to offer USDA certified organic products from Lavender Moon, lovingly handmade in Pennsylvania. Lavender Moon offers a full array of personal and body care products, including organic diaper cream, certified organic lube, organic skin care, and more. Consumers who desire small-batch, handmade personal care products may consider the Lavender Moon line to fulfill their needs.

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