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In what ways are certified organic body products beneficial?

When you choose a body care product, not only do you have your own health in mind, but also you know that by choosing organic you are helping the earth. Your choice makes even more positive ripples when you choose to buy products from small businesses, such as Lavender Moon body care. This woman-owned business from Pennsylvania offers all the benefits of certified organic products with the added benefit of being small-batch and handmade.

Certified organic body products are good for the earth. Organic products start their lives at certified organic farms. On organic farms, farmers follow USDA certified organic standards to produce the raw products. USDA standards set limits and restrictions on farming practices that are bad for the environment. No toxic pesticides are used, and farmers use methods that maintain and build soil, water, and air quality. These sustainable methods help create a future in which your children, your grandchildren, the animals, and the earth benefit from healthy, sustainable farming.

By choosing certified organic body products, consumers are making a good choice for their bodies as well. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and absorbs the elements of the body products. Since non-organic products contain trace amounts of pesticides and other chemicals used during farming, those chemicals are absorbed into your body through your skin when you apply them. If you are using an organic product, you can be confident that you are not applying pesticide residue to your sensitive skin. Some studies also show that organic products contain greater amount of nutrients than their conventional counterparts, making them better for you in that respect as well.

The organic movement is on the rise, with sales numbers for organic products increasing by 20 percent each year since 1990. As interest in organic products grows, researchers continue to study exactly how organic products are good for us. The initial feedback shows that organic products limit your exposure to pesticide residue, and that organic farming practices ensure that toxic chemicals do not pollute the earth. By choosing organic, the earth is not harmed by techniques that strip the land. When you choose organic products, you may even be getting extra nutrients! That’s a lot of benefits for such an easy and simple choice, one that you can feel good about. By choosing Lavender Moon certified organic body products, you will know that your choice supports this conscious and beneficial philosophy.

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