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Not Just for Butts: 5 Uses for Zinc Oxide Cream... that Don’t Involve Diapers

Many of us who have changed a diaper have applied it to tiny bottoms. The thick, creamy ointment that protects your baby’s bum and heals up diaper rash, diaper cream, also known as zinc oxide cream, can be used in several other personal care applications. Zinc oxide is the key active ingredient in many salves, sunscreens, and ointments as well as Lavender Moon’s organic diaper cream. The skin healing properties of this appealing wellness product have many practical uses.

As mentioned above, zinc oxide cream is perhaps most commonly found in diaper creams, but it has also been used for many years to aid in the healing and prevention of minor burns. The thick stripe of white paint you sometimes see on the noses of lifeguards? Yep, that’s zinc oxide cream. It can act as an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen and protect against the cancer-causing effects of the sun’s rays. Already have a burn? Zinc oxide can assist your damaged skin with recovery.

While zinc oxide cream is working its wonders with sun protection, it can also act on your skin in other ways. Zinc oxide can lock moisture into the skin, protecting against excessive dryness. In addition to boosting moisture, zinc can aid in the reduction of inflammation and bacterial infections, meaning that zinc oxide cream is the perfect choice for minor acne or blemishes. It can also help with healing little cuts and nicks that may come from shaving. The properties of skin can also reduce the appearance of skin aging.

With all these uses (and more! think warts, itching, and hemorrhoids.), you may be ready to start filling up your family medicine cabinet with zinc oxide cream. Although there are many good products on the market, the organic diaper cream made by Lavender Moon is an excellent choice since it is made with all-natural and organic products that are good for your skin and good for the planet. Each recyclable tin of Lavender Moon’s Baby Moonshine is organic, Leaping Bunny certified, and lovingly made in Pennsylvania, (and sold on this site) so if you choose to use Baby Moonshine, you will be buying the best of the many benefits that our zinc oxide cream has to offer.

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